7 tips to help increase your website’s conversion rate

 Tip #1: Make sure you’re using the best tools


Your website tools should be deeply integrated with your CRM. More than that, your website platform should be your CRM, not just some integration or plugin. 


Your landing pages, forms, blogs, CTAs and more should be automatically tracked on the same platform your website is built on. As someone fills out a form, they should be added as a contact, and an automation triggered to nurture them. 


You can then sit back and watch while it all happens seamlessly.


Tip #2: Nail your positioning and messaging


In today’s day and age, I can almost count on one hand the number of companies out there that don’t have any competition. 


So how do you stand out from the crowd?




By how you position your company and your product.


Let’s say you’re a SaaS company selling HR software. 


One way you could stand out from the crowd is to position yourselves as the go-to HR software for a particular type of business. For instance, eCommerce companies with 50-200 employees, as an example. 


Your messaging then needs to effectively communicate this positioning. You ideally want to do this right away in your ‘hero section’, so people know why you can help them within 2 seconds of landing on your site.


Tip #3: Make sure your design lifts up the content on your site to further accentuate the experience each visitor has 


A successful website is a perfect combination and collaboration of content and design.


In other words, the “UX” (user experience) your customer has. 


But in the same way you don’t want to make design an afterthought, you also don’t want to spend too much of your time focusing on it if it means you’re neglecting your site’s content.


They’re both vital. So prioritize both. 


Tip #4: Ensure you’ve got an automated follow-up email series in place




If you’re not following up with prospects after they input their information on your website, you’re missing out on a lot of money.


People generally need multiple interactions with a company before they buy. So set up an automated follow-up email series that goes out to prospects once they fill out a form on your website.


Tip #5: Focus on SEO to generate more traffic


Organic traffic is awesome.


I’ve found it tends to convert a lot better than paid traffic. (Although that doesn’t mean there’s no room for paid traffic sources as well!)


Tip #6: Implement CRO best practices to take your website’s conversion rate to the next level


Running simple tests to squeeze every last ounce of ‘conversion juice’ out of your website could land you a bunch of new leads who otherwise would have got away.


I suggest starting out with bigger tests that are gonna be more likely to really move the needle, such as split-testing your headlines, layout, CTAs, and more.


Tip #7: Take the Website Conversion Assessment and discover which specific elements of your website could be improved


Here’s the thing with these “list” style pieces of content…


Even though the info I’ve just given you is good, it’s not specific to your 




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