Leave the 9-5 to go full time with blogging (complete 90 day playbook)


When you’re just starting out with your blog or you’re in the early stages…


You don’t have 40+ hrs/wk to throw on your site. 


So it’s absolutely critical that you spend those precious “side hours” every week in a way that maximizes the profitability of your blog.


Your goal should be:

How do I use my time most effectively to create a profit runway allowing me to quit my full time job within 12 months? 


And NOT:

How do I make the most money possible right this second with my blog?


In fact…


It may even shock you that—in those first 90 days—I don’t focus on monetization at all.



Most people try to jump the gun and monetize their blog too early (this is why most average bloggers barely cobble together a few hundred bucks a month).


They start "trying to make money asap" off their site…


Or they join all these affiliate promos when they're barely ranking on page 5 of Google.


But you're going to be way smarter than that.


Because ultimately...


Monetization is simply a BYPRODUCT of your content and link building efforts over time.


Like I always say:


Why focus too early on scraping pennies off the floor...


When there are 100 dollar bills in plain sight just a little bit down the road.


So let me show you exactly what to do (day-to-day) in those first 90 days…


Down to how many hours you should spend writing, link building, and tracking (even if you only have a few hours per week)...


And what expenses you must look out for as you go.


I'll also share a checklist of the major stuff you've got to have in place by the end of the first 90 days to give your blog the biggest monetization potential.


This is how you can predictably monetize a blog to give you the freedom to walk away from the day job in the next 6-12 months…


And it’ll allow you to lay the right foundation to multiply your earnings and do this full time (if that’s your goal). 


Dig in and let me know if it helps you!


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