Who Has a Problem With Robotaxis

 It was a few weeks ago that Dan Afergan, a software engineer, met some friends at 540 Rogues, a bar in Inner Richmond, San Francisco. Someone walked in with some unusual news while Afergan and his companions nursed their drinks: "There's a Cruise out there with a cone stuck on it."

In the middle of the street stood a self-driving cab from Cruise, which is majority-owned by General Motors, its hazard lights blinking. A bright-orange cone perched on the hood of the robotaxi.

In a TikTok video, Safe Street Rebel urged San Francisco residents to try the orange cone after realizing it paralyzed a state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle. In a caption over a clip of a robotaxi on a city street, the caption declares, "We do not consent to this." As the video spread across social media, Cruise and Waymo expressed disdain, threatening to call the cops on anyone who placed a cone on their car.


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