The implementation of the Digital Dollar or FedCoin, exposes you to 5 looming threats:


  • Your Privacy Under Attack: The FedNow Digital Dollar poses a significant threat to your financial privacy. Say goodbye to anonymity as your every transaction becomes traceable.
  • Wealth Redistribution Program Currently the US Dollar is worth 2.7 cents from 100 cents just 90 years ago. A flat conversion would mean 33 dollars equals 1 FedCoin but it could be worse. With socialists in charge in Washington perhaps the conversion is 50 USD to 1 FedCoin or 60 to 1 providing extra funds from you to the needy when this cutover to a new currency happens.
  • Government Distrust: Americans are increasingly skeptical of government intentions, and rightly so. Break free from government control over your hard-earned savings by diversifying into tangible assets that are immune to political manipulation.
  • The Silent Social Credit System: Are we heading towards a social credit system like China's? The FedNow Digital Dollar lays the groundwork for increased government oversight and control over your finances.
  • The Death of Cash: The rise of a digital dollar threatens the existence of physical cash, leaving every American vulnerable in the case of a catastrophic event.


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