Clean Energy is Faster Than You Think!

 Americans are not aware that a profound shift is taking place across the country. The nation that burned coal, oil, and gas for more than a century to become the wealthiest economy on the planet, as well as historically the most polluting, is rapidly shifting away from fossil fuels.

There is already a similar energy transition underway in Europe, but the United States is catching up, and global change is accelerating at a rate that surprises even experts.

By 2025, renewable energy will surpass coal as the world's largest source of electricity, thanks to wind and solar power breaking records. As part of their business strategies, automakers are now talking openly about the end of internal combustion engines. Heating, cooling, cooking, and some manufacturing are going electric.

Governments around the world are pouring trillions of dollars into clean energy to cut the carbon pollution that is broiling the planet at the highest temperatures on record.


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