Katharine McPhee and David Foster suffered a "horrible tragedy" in their family on Friday morning.

 A couple has canceled the final two shows of their David Foster and Friends tour in Asia, stating in an Instagram announcement, "at least one of us needs to get back home to our families."

According to inside sources, the emergency was caused by a family death hours later. According to inside sources, Katharine and David were very close to the nanny who cared for their young son Rennie. Her name was not released, but she was around for so long she was considered part of the family.

Also, her passing was a shock that came out of nowhere, creating a parental emergency. In order to be able to travel all the way around the world to Jakarta, they both relied on the nanny to watch their two-year-old. The post mentions that at least one parent had to return home immediately to be with Rennie. That's like losing a parent at that age, poor kiddo.

A parent has already left for home, Katharine, according to TMZ. The flight from Jakarta, Indonesia to Los Angeles takes AT LEAST 19 hours commercially, and that's before delays with connecting flights. Considering their money and the urgency of the situation, she’s likely to fly privately. That would be a lot faster, but Rennie will still spend so many hours without his parents or nanny.


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