The introduction of the FedNow Digital Dollar by the government !

 Are you ready to safeguard yourself from this looming risk? Republican Metals Company can assist you during these unstable times and safeguard your resources via gold and other precious metals. If you have been troubled by the news in recent years, download our guide on gold and silver, and allow Republican Metals to help. You will have two distinct paths in front of you -- one where you chose not to act, resulting in ruefulness; or a day very unlike that first option because you did take action.

There is no doubt that gold will reach all time highs as the Fed enacts measures to control your wealth down to what you use as legal tender. Gold's value could skyrocket as the Fed enacts measures to control your wealth. Gold surpluses all over the world increased in record numbers in 2022, and are still increasing at record rates today. Here's how to protect your wealth.


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