Today, sitting on large sums of cash could be a silent killer.


Concerned American,

This isn’t the economy it once was.

Back in the day, if things got grim in the markets, pulling your money out wasn’t the end of the world.

I know this because I’ve seen what it can do to hardworking families… I’ve been against holding cash my entire 45-year investing career.

In fact, I wouldn’t have become a one percenter before 31...

Nor would I be allowed to manage billions of dollars for America’s richest individuals… if I recommended holding cash.

On the flip side…

I’ve seen cash holders go from comfortable middle-class Americans to living paycheck to paycheck…

Or unretire because their savings couldn’t last.

I’ve even seen it force 6-figure earning families to become homeless.

According to Bloomsburg one family “realized they couldn’t afford to rent an apartment and build their savings, despite a combined income of roughly $100,000 a year”.

The simple fact is…

This reality is becoming the new normal for many hardworking Americans who hold cash…

And this startling trend needs to come to an end if we want America to continue to stand strong.


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