Learn more about the 10b5-1 rule… and how YOU can exploit it for potentially explosive profits…


Hey Dear Reader,

It’s called the 10b5-1 rule…

And those who know how to exploit this rule are legally following the moves of those insiders to profits as high as 1,091%.

You see, this rule makes it completely legal for insiders to buy and sell their own company’s stock.

That means if there’s good news on the horizon that the public doesn’t know about yet — like a big earnings beat, or a pending patent approval — these guys can take huge positions ahead of a potentially massive stock pop.

And that’s exactly what they do.

But here’s the catch…

Rule 10b5-1 states that insiders have to report their trades within 48 hours.

They do that on a public form… that literally anyone can access at any time.

In this explosive training, you’re going to learn exactly how to find this priceless information…

And use it to piggyback these insider trades to potentially huge gains…

Just click here to view the free training that will break it all down for you step by step!
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