Porter Stansberry is back.

 A decade after his most controversial prediction, The End of America, where he warned of the cultural and economic decay that’s plaguing our country. 

From the growing number of riots and protests, to the banking collapses and loss of America’s AAA credit rating, to ever-increasing government authoritarianism…  

Porter just released the shocking finale to his original documentary, and his decade-long investigation points to one inescapable conclusion: 

He warns America has now reached the financial precipice… and that what’s coming next will trigger a new national crisis that reshapes our entire country for decades to come.  

Unless you take action immediately, Porter says you could risk being wiped out financially in the chaos ahead. 

Yet nobody is warning you of what’s coming or showing you how to protect yourself, your family, and your finances. 

That’s why, after months of work, he has released an incredible new documentary film that explores everything in exacting detail. 

- The event that will trigger a new national crisis. 

- How this looming, unstoppable event will reshape everything about the American economy, culture, and financial system. 

- The exact moves Porter is personally making – and urging his friends and family to follow too – in order to safeguard their savings, investments, and way of life


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